Kris Kinder and beyond

My next big show is in Kansas City – at the Kris Kinder market – which is an SCA event all about winter shopping.  I’ve already got 4 tubs packed, and still have two more kiln loads plus a Roman stove, Grecian grill, and a few cook pots to pack up.  I’m excited to bring the wood fired pieces to the sale – they’re SO beautiful.  I’ve got one more glaze kiln plus a luster firing to do to finish up for the sale – getting so close!

Once that event is over, there should be more pieces appearing on the web site. Since I should actually have my brain back after all the show prep.  🙂

Then on to another class – there’s so many things to learn!  This time, I’m looking to try slip casting.  So I can make my own molds from pieces I’ve made then make copies of them.  I’m thinking tentacle mugs!!!